Italian Cynological Sports Association (A.I.S.C.)
The Italian Cynological Sports Association (A.I.S.C.) was established during the year 2004 with the aim to aggregate and develop cynological sport branches.
Our Association is mainly based to the principle “Just for Fun” and for now it’s only addressed to the agility dog, but we hope as soon as possible to involve other sport branches.
We believe in the opportunity of developing cynological sports in the Olympic Programme and in order to realize this dream we have joined IFCS and started all the necessary steps to be recognized by CONI.

The A.I.S.C. Board
Cristina De Angelis – president
Her first approach with cynological world was with dog show exhibitions, with her first dog, an East Siberian Laika “balalajka Feja- named Tatanka”. Tatanka in 2 years of dog shows becomes European Champion, Italian Champion and World Champion. Due to the surly nature of her dog she started to attend in the 1997 some cynological schools and started to practise Agility Dog. In the meantime during these years she become until now proud owner of other 6 border collie and a nice mixed breed dog called Mirtillo, who died in 2003. With Mirtillo she gained the 3° class and many good results. During these 7 years she attended many agility teams and instructors and she has taken part to may agility and dog-management stages in order to learn various working methods.
She hopes in the future to see more children involved in agility-dog.
Massimo Mazzucco – Vice president
He met cynological sport through his wife, that was training in agility their first dog, a mixed breeded Siberian husky in late 2001.
He started with obedience in early 2002 and joined the agility team of his town the same year in October with the same dog. meanwhile a new dog has been included in his family, a rescue female of Australian working kelpie; after some months of work, his wife (above all), their instructor and him were able to start this dogs up to the agility competions Nowadays both the dogs plays the second class of agility, no time to dedicate to the hard work in order to have competitions in obedience. Furthermore he has many collaboration with some cynological web site and web magazines as photographer and reporter.
He hopes to start as soon as possible with pet therapy and other social activities involving children, oldies, and dogs.
Ambroso Mauro – Technical Advisor
Mauro get his first approach with Agility Dog in the 1997 and started with his first competition during the year 1999. During the year 2002, after some years of learning with various teams and Italian and foreign instructors he established “Carpe Diem Agility Team” Association mainly created to get in for the Sport of Agility Dog.
Among Spot results it’s to be mentioned the 3° place obtained at the European Open held in Gyor (Hungary) during the year 2003 and the 1° place at the Slovenia Cup 2004 obtained for the category A1 medium.
Pancera Antonio – Financial Advisor
Antonio Pancera, approached with agility during the year 2001 with “Blacky” a mixed breed dog of medium size, arriving to the 3° level in March 2003. During the year 2001 he and some friends estabilished a Cynological Association named “Gruppo Cinofilo Benaco”. In 2003 he left this association and founded the team named “Agility Dog Peschiera del Garda”.
He with his dog gained the following results :
1° place team medium IV IMCA 2003 - PLATJA d’ARO – Spain
3° place at Agility Master 2003
1° Place medium category at Italian Mix breed Championship
2° place for the category senior medium at Emilia Romagna 2004 Trophy
3° place team medium V IMCA 2004 – WIEN – Austria
Manca Elvira – Segretary
Elvira get her first approach with agility for a joke, because should be her husband to do that with their mixed breed dog “Jasmine”. Jasmine is 9 years old and she still playing agility competition and is giving to Elvira a lot of satisfactions. Elvira and her dog get for 2 time the finals of “Master Trophy” with good results even if they never reached the podium, but as in Elvira’s philosophy this is ok also in this way, because agility is above all fun and love for dogs. As Elvira always says : “Bad days could happen to our dog and to us, but it’s not important, because Jasmine is above all my dog and she is not for agility only, she’s above all my loved dog”

A.I.S.C. – Associazione Italiana Sport Cinofili
E-mail: sportcinofili@libero.it
Fax +39 178 228 22 84
Mobile Phone +39 338 78 32 731

On the 25th of September 2004 Italy joined the International Sports Cynological Movement. President of the Italian Association of Cynological Sports (A.I.S.C.) Cristina de Angelis signed the Declaration of the International Sports Cynological Movement.
IFCS on behalf of countries-participants of the International Sports Cynological Movement has the honour to congratulate the leadership and all members of the A.I.S.C. on this important event in the cynological sports history.
IFCS Press Service

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