Russian League of CynologistsRussian League of Cynologists (RLC)

Sports cynological movement was born in 1991 in Russia. In those time dogsport specialists united for holding of real sports events with dogs.

In 1991 the first Moscow championship among working dogs (classical biathlon) was held.

In 1995 the first national championship of Russia was held. There were included competitions of working dogs (classical biathlon) and agility into the program of championship. From those time national championships on different kinds of cynological sports are holding every year in Russia.

In 1996 the President of Russian Federation Boris Eltsin has supported initiatives of Russian League of Cynologists (RLC) by his Decree.

In 1997 the State Sports Committee of Russian Federation has officially recognized kinds of sport united by RLC and has included them into the State Programs of Physical Education of population of Russia and into the Russian Common Sports Classification. These decisions was made by the State Sports Committee of Russian Federation after official petition of the Russian Olympic Committee. Russian Common Sports Classification is the official state document for all kinds of sport. This document establishes criterions of granting of official state titles to sportsmen for their results on competitions. Now state title Master of Sport of International Class can be conferred to sportsmen in cynological sports.

In 2000 RLC has received official support of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), which has registered RLC as sports union on non-Olympic kind of sport. In the same year RLC was granted by membership of the Committee of National and Non-Olympic Kinds of Sport of Russia(CNNKS).

RLC Council:

  • Elena Dmitrochenko RLC President;
  • Maria Tomilova RLC First Vice-President;
  • Anton Kudrin RLC Vice-President;
  • Sergey Lysenko RLC Vice-President;
  • Dmitriy Sharer RLC Vice-President;
  • Elena Chukhina RLC Secretary General.
  • Elena Arkhipova RLC Council member;
  • Oleg Berezin RLC Council member;
  • Vladimir Vladimirov RLC Council member;
  • Alexander Vorontsov RLC Council member;
  • Gregory Grechkin RLC Council member;
  • Inna Grishina RLC Council member;
  • Yuri Ostashenko RLC Council member;

Disciplines of cynological sports:

  • agility ;
  • classical and modern biathlons (competitions of working dogs obedience and guard dog service);
  • summer combined competitions (sprint 100m, track with obstacles 300m, shooting of the air rifle, catching of criminal);
  • winter combined competitions (skijoring for 800-5000m with the shooting of the air rifle);
  • dog races (400-3000m - skies, sleds);
  • freestyle.

Ministry for Sport
Ministry for Sport of Russian Federation

Cynological sports is recognized as the kind of sport by the Ministry for Sport of Russian Federation.

Russian League of Cynologists develops cynological sports with the official support of the Ministry for Sport of Russian Federation.

Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)

Russian League of Cynologists is registered by the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) as a sports union, which has plenary powers to develop cynological sports on the federal level in Russia and to represent these kinds of sport in a corresponding international sports federation.

Agility in Russia
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Agility in Russia

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